Weaber, Inc

Lebanon, PA

Weaber is a manufacturer and marketer of a wide range of finished hardwood products, including surfaced four sides (“S4S”) boards, flooring, mouldings, stair parts, decorative wall boards and factory primed and painted finger-jointed products from oak, poplar and other hardwood species.

Unlike most hardwood products companies, Weaber is vertically integrated, allowing the company to convert logs into green lumber, which is then kiln-dried and turned into finished millwork products.

Transaction Driver

Our investment was used to facilitate a management buy-out of the company by President and CEO Matthew Weaber. Since making our original investment, the company has completed two acquisitions.

Add-On Criteria

  • Manufacturers of hardwood millwork, flooring, and interior and exterior moulding products
  • Sawmill and kiln drying capacity in the Eastern Appalachian region
  • Minimum revenues: $1 million
  • Geography: United States and Canada