Washington Metal Fabricators

Washington Metal Fabricators

Washington, MO

Washington Metal Fabricators provides full-service contract metal fabrication services encompassing an array of cutting, machining, assembly, painting, packaging and production engineering solutions to a wide range of clients. Its assorted product set includes HVAC components, heavy truck brackets, metal racking and transformer tanks.

The company has over 160 active customers and serves leading engineered solutions manufacturers. WMF provides customers with a one-stop solution for complex assemblies requiring multiple production steps, assembly, packaging, and warehousing. The company also offers engineering services and routinely assists customers with product design.

Transaction Driver

In partnership with an independent sponsor, Cyprium’s capital was used to support a majority recapitalization of Washington Metal Fabricators.

Add-On Criteria

  • Metal fabricators providing precision and complex contract manufacturing solutions
  • Minimum revenues: $5 million
  • Geography: United States and Canada